Think different seminar

Think Different "Think different" is the former slogan of a famous California-based computer manufacturer. We adopted the motto for an intermittent series of events that aim to broaden our minds scientifically and culturally. Our "Think different seminar" is a platform, where friends, colleagues and/or invited guests present to us their research, their way of working and thinking, their opinions, and/or their ideas. Traditionally, we continue discussions in the "Harmonie".

Our "think different seminars" are usually held on Friday's in the seminar room of the Salzburger lab.

Date Time Title Speaker Host
  • 26/04/19
  • 16:00h
  • Reconstruction of the haplochromine cichlid phylogeny: retargeting the question of the origin and age of megadiverse African cichlid species flocks
  • Frederic Schedel, Bavarian State Collection Zoology, Munich
  • Adrian and Walter

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Previous Speakers

- Ingo Braasch, University of Würzburg, Germany (June 2008)
- David Bernhard, Medical University of Vienna, Austria (August 2009)
- Bernd Schierwater, TiHo Hannover, Germany (November 2009)
- Philipp Engel, Biozentrum, Basel (November 2009)
- Laura Spinney, Science Journalist, Geneva, Switzerland (June 2010)
- Jurriaan de Vos, University of Zürich, Switzerland (December 2010)
- Linn Fenna Groeneveld, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany (April 2011)
- Ruxandra Molnar, MPI Tübingen, Germany (April 2011)
- Hopi Hoekstra, Harvard, USA (April 2011)
- Lydia Luncz, MPI Leipzig, Germany (May 2011)
- Andreas Wilting, IZW Berlin, Germany (October 2011)
- Pierrick Buri, University of Bern, Switzerland (December 2011)
- Sarah Tietz, University of Zurich, Switzerland (January 2012)
- Hannes Svardal, University of Vienna, Austria (February 2012)
- Rui Castanhinha, IGC, Portugal (March 2012)
- Sacha Vignieri, Science, USA (March 2012)
- Olivia Roth, GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany (April 2012)
- Marcus Clauss, Clinic for Zoo Animals, Zurich, Switzerland (May 2012)
- Volker Sommer, UCL, UK (May 2012)
- Angel Fitor, Spain (May 2012)
- Simone Immler, Uppsala University, Sweden (October 2012)
- Dick Roelofs, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (January 2013)
- Katie Peichel, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA (March 2013)
- Jobst Pfaender, University of Bonn, Germany (April 2013)
- Steve Frank, UCI, USA (May 2013)
- Shosei Yoshida, NIBB, Okazaki, Japan (November 2013)
- Suzanne Saenko, University of Geneva, Switzerland (February 2014)
- Philipp Engel, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (March 2014)
- Sandra Binning/Dominique Roche, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland (March 2015)
- Tuomas Leinonen, University of Helsinki, Finland (May 2015)
- Lev Yampolsky, ETSU, USA (May 2015)
- Marcelo Sanchez, University of Zurich, Switzerland (May 2015)
- Bert Van Bocxlaer, NHM Berlin, Germany (October 2015)
- Liliana Salvador, University of Glasgow (March 2016)
- Carolin Sommer-Trembo, University of Frankfurt (February 2017)
- Rita Kesselring, University of Basel (May 2017)
- Joel Laia, IGC Portugal (June 2017)
- Romain Savary, University of Lausanne (June 2017)
- Chris Doble, UCL (February 2018)
- Priya Satalkar, University of Basel (March 2018)
- Steve Frank, UC Irvine (February 2019)
- Cliff Tabin, Harvard (March 2019)

*positions and institutional affiliations relate to the respective dates of the visits

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