Madlen Stange

Universität Basel,
Zoologisches Institut
Vesalgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel


+41 (0)61 207 03 13

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Madlen Stange

PhD in the group of Walter Salzburger (Uni Basel) and Marcelo Sánchez (Uni Zürich).

Current research

My main interest lies in the identification and understanding of the genetic basis of ecological adaptation and variation within and between species. Currently, I'm involved in a couple of projects examining this topic from different angles and in different non-model species by using Next-Generation Sequence data and recently by morphological data.

My PhD thesis deals with South-American catfishes and tries to elucidate the habitat evolution and variation on morphological and molecular level, analysing diversity patterns in freshwater and marine environments.

Further, I'm involved in a project concerned with population genomics of parallel adaptation in endemic and endangered Neotropical crater lake cichlid fishes which I undertake in collaboration with Dr. Marta Barluenga from the Dept. Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology at the National Museum of Natural Sciences, Spain Madrid.

Curriculum vitae

Born 1985 in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany
2013-present PhD student at the Paleontological Institute at the University of Zürich in collaboration with the Department of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Basel
2010-2013 MSc in Molecular Biology, University of Potsdam, Germany Master thesis in collaboration with the University of Basel, Department of Evolutionary Biology (supervisors: Prof. W. Salzburger, Prof. R. Tiedemann)
2007-2012 Student assistant at the Department of Evolutionary Biology, in the system biological project GoFORSYS, University of Potsdam (Prof. Ralph Tiedemann)
2006-2010 B.Sc. in Life Sciences, University of Potsdam, Germany


  • Mateus CS*, Stange M*, Berner D, Roesti M, Quintella BR, Alves MJ, Almeida PR, Salzburger W (2013). Strong Genome-wide Divergence between Sympatric European River and Brook Lampreys. Current Biology, 23: R649-R650. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2013.06.026. *shared first authorship


  • Madlen Stange, Walter Salzburger (2012) Genetic basis of a male color variation in Cyprichromis leptosoma. Cichlid Science, Leuven, Belgium
  • Madlen Stange, Sandra Schwarte, Fanny Wegner, Ralph Tiedemann (2012) Genetic variability of Calvin cycle genes in Arabidopsis accessions. Annual Conference of the Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution (SMBE), Dublin, Ireland (pdf)
  • Madlen Stange, Sandra Schwarte, Fanny Wegner, Ralph Tiedemann (2011) Genetic variability of Calvin cycle genes in Arabidopsis accessions. 13th congress of the european society of evolutionary biology (ESEB), Tübingen, Germany (pdf)