Eveline Diepeveen

Universität Basel,
Zoologisches Institut
Vesalgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel


+41 (0)61 207 03 02

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Nigaragua 2009
Nigaragua 2009

Eveline Diepeveen

PhD student in the group of Walter Salzburger.

Current research

I am interested in the processes underlying genetic and phenotypic variation between individuals, populations, species etc. What are the causes for phenotypic changes and where in the genome have alterations taken place that are responsible for these changes? In my current project I study these kinds of questions in a model system for evolutionary research; cichlid fishes. In particular I focus on the molecular basis of naturally and sexually selected traits.

and else?

Best place to relax is a deserted desert, where you can chase lizards, have a good hike, be amazed by the view and the amazing adaptations of the plants and animals and finish the day with a good BBQ.

Curriculum vitae

Born 1982 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2009-2013 PhD student at the Zoological Institute, University of Basel, Switzerland
2005-2008 MSc program in Biology VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2002-2005 BSc program in Biology VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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  • Colombo M*, Diepeveen ET*, Muschick M, Santos E, Indermaur A, Boileau N, Barlueng M and W Salzburger (2013) The ecological and genetic basis of convergent thick-lipped phenotypes in cichlid fishes. Molecular Ecology 22: 670-684 *These authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Diepeveen ET and W Salzburger (2012) Two decades of molecular ecology: where are we and where are we heading? Molecular Ecology 21: 5656-5659.
  • Diepeveen ET and W Salzburger (2011) Molecular characterization of two endothelin pathways in East African cichlid fishes. Journal of Molecular Evolution 73: 355-368.



  • Unraveling the functions and evolutionary history of Hivep1 in Lake Tanganyikan cichlid fishes. Gordon Research Conferences, Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics, University of New England, Biddeford, ME, USA. pdf
  • The effects of genome duplication on adaptive traits: endothelins and key innovations in cichlids. Evolutionary and ecological genomics of adaptation symposium 2010, University of Fribourg, Switzerland. pdf