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Astrid Böhne

Universität Basel,
Zoologisches Institut
Vesalgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel


+41 (0)61 207 03 05

+41 (0)61 207 03 01


Astrid Böhne

PostDoc in the group of Walter Salzburger.

Current research

Sex determination is one of the most crucial decisions in an organism‘s development with a variety of morphological and behavioral consequences. My research focuses on the genetic basis of this decision and the evolution of sex-determining systems, especially in fish. Fish are the most successful vertebrate group in terms of species numbers. I am interested in understanding how this diversity could evolve and how newly evolving sex-determining systems are coupled to the process of speciation.

Curriculum vitae

Born 1982 in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
Since 2011 Postdoctoral fellow with Walter Salzburger, University of Basel, Switzerland
2007-2010 PhD in Life Science with Prof. Jean-Nicolas Volff, Evolutionary Genomics of Vertebrates, ENS Lyon, France
2001-2007 Study of Biology, University of Würzburg, Germany



Book chapters

Research grants

2012 Postdoctoral research fellowship of the Volkswagen Science Foundation
2011/2012 Seed money Forschungsfond University Basel
2011 Postdoctoral fellowship of the DAAD (German academic exchange service) and Research Fund, University of Basel
2007-2009 PhD grant European mobility of the French Ministry for Education, Research and Technology
2004-2005 Erasmus grant for a research stay at the department of Genetics, University of Barcelona, Spain