Grant Sponsors

Our research is currently supported by...

European Research Council Starting Grant "INGERGENADAPT", European Research Council (ERC)
Swiss National Science Foundation Grant 3100A0_138224
Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione Fellowship for Daniel Berner
Swiss National Science Foundation Sinergia project with Marcelo Sanchez and Heinz Furrer (Zurich)
VolkswagenStiftung Postdoctoral Fellowship for Astrid Böhne
Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia PhD Scholarship for Emilia Santos
SciEx Postdoctoral Fellowship for Zuzana Musilova
DAAD Postdoctoral Fellowship for Sara Mae Stieb
NGS Research expedition to Lake Tanganyika, East Africa
Janggen-Poehn Stiftung PhD Scholarship for Fabio Cortesi (1 year)
Endeavour Research Fellowship Research fellowship (2012) for Fabio Cortesi

Previous grant sponsors were...

VolkswagenStiftung PhD Scholarship for Michael Matschiner
Swiss National Science Foundation Grant 3100A0_122458
DAAD Postdoctoral Fellowship for Astrid Böhne
Fonds zur Foerderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship for Bernd Egger
Roche Research Foundation PhD Scholarship for Frauke Münzel (1 year)