Evolutionary Biology at DUW Zoology

Blockkurs 2023

Participants of the block course in Zoology and Evolutionary Biology,
March/April 2023.
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The Zoology section within the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Basel promotes higher education and research in organismal animal biology, particularly in the fields of evolutionary biology, genetics, behavior, and developmental biology. It forms strong synergies with existing strengths in the life sciences, the largest focal area of the University of Basel. We offer courses covering different aspects of evolutionary biology, including evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics, molecular evolution and behavioral ecology. Current research interests of members of the group include population genetics and genomics, host-parasite interactions, life-history evolution, the evolution of the immune system, the evolution of animal diversity, sex allocation and sexual conflict in hermaphrodites, conservation biology, the evolution of gene regulation and comparative embryology (EvoDevo). The organisms studied in our experimental work are water fleas (Daphnia) including their symbionts, chicken and mouse embryos, flatworms, songbirds, sticklebacks and cichlid fishes. Our work is strongly supported with bioinformatics, statistics and mathematical modeling.