Daphnia and their parasites


During our research on parasites and epibionts of Daphnia and some other Cladocera we encountered many species belonging to diverse groups of organisms. This page give an overview of some of the groups we have seen frequently during field sampling. Most of the pictures are from Daphnia magna collected from natural populations.

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Endoparasites of Daphnia


Daphnia in their natural environment. This 2 minute film shows how Daphnia behave in their natural environment. This film was made in a rock pool on the Skerry island Spicarna (Tvärminne archipelago) in August 2012. Besides Daphnia magna you can see several other species passing by: ostracodes, copepods and water bugs (corixides). Some of the Daphnia carry resting eggs (ephippia), while other carry parthenogenetic eggs. For a high resolution version of the film follow the link to you tube.