advanced statistics using R, asuR

Functions and data sets for a lecture in Advanced Statistics using R. Especially the functions mancontr() and inspect() may be of general interest. With mancontr(), short for manual contrasts, it is possible to specify your own contrasts and give them useful names. Something that is important in most projects of reasonable size. The function inspect() shows a wide range of inspection plots to validate model assumptions (currently for models fitted with lm and glm). And do not forget to have a look at norm.test(), it is not only fun!

Please be aware of the fact that these are unstable releases.
Package source: asuR_0.12.tar.gz
Package binary for MacOS X leopard: asuR_0.12.tgz
Package binary for MS-Windows:

Coursenotes (four parts: theory and practicals, solutions, appendix, references):
coursenotes2011.pdf (what was distributed so far)

last update: 2011-03-07