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Fish are marvelously beautiful.

In looking for information about which fish are good to buy, I came across some excellent sites about fish. Fish as a fish and not only on the plate. There are more to come...

The FishBase is a data base with a flabbergasting amount of information on all kinds of fish. Latin and common names, distribution, some biology, pictures.

MEER has a nice page about fish body forms and lifestyles.

A seven-language dictionary of fish names.

The Ichthyology Web Resources. A database of on-line fish-related resources. Don't miss the beautiful animation of how fish swim: A fish out of water is not exactly a graceful sight. In water however, fish are easily the most capable swimmers known.

A quick course in Ichthyology. Funny and full of information.

Ichthyology at the Australian Museum.

Fischportraits aus der Fisch-Informationszentrum

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